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Real-Time Location System

Premium Indoor Positioning System with IoT Locators and Smart Tags for Employee and Asset Tracking

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installtion of Quuppa

Install bdPulse Locators

bdPulse Locators need to be installed at your organization's premises. The number of Locators required will depend on the area of your site. A bdPulse executive will be at your side throughout this process.

association with users

Associate Smart Tags with Employees

Each Smart Tag will be associated with and handed out a specific employee. The employees will then be added to the bdPulse dashboard from where you can track their location indoors.

movement on dashboard

Real-Time Location Tracking

Trace your employees in real-time via the web dashboard. You can also easily track movement within different zones on your premise in real-time.

analytics and visualtions

Analytics and Visualizations

Analyze and optimize your business operations by making data-driven decisions with the help of bdPulse people and movement trends.


We can do a lot more

The bdPulse platform can be used to manage attendance, in and out times, employee time tracking and zone-wise tracking. Get in touch with us and we'll implement the perfect solution tailored to your needs.

Why Real-time Indoor Location Monitoring?
indoor position
Indoor Positioning

With sub 1-meter accuracy, bdPulse helps you trace your employees and record attendance and continuous presence. It also helps you respond to events in real time.

real time
Real-Time Zone-Wise Monitoring

Compare presence between various zones in your manufacturing unit, hospital, school or general office premise. You can also monitor inter-zone mobility trends and keep track of presence in restricted areas.

safety alert
Safety Alerts

In case of distress events and possible evacuations, you can easily understand where your employees are and respond instantly!

Securing Restricted Areas

Control which employees have access to restricted and sensitive zones. Take action based on real-time information.

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